The History of Victory Boys Camps

It seems that the older I get the more I’m involved with young people. It’s the thrill of a lifetime. One reason is that my books have spread the word and I keep getting letters like this one: “I’m like you, I’m in trouble all the time, but the book has changed me.” I love hearing from kids who were on the wrong track. The actual, physical camp is closed, but that didn’t end it’s mission, which will continue even after I’m gone. In fact, I’m willing to help any kid that’s in trouble, to get them out of their mess, and under an inspirational, disciplinary program.
— Louis Zamperini - 'Don't Give Up, Don't Give In' 2014

The Louis Zamperini Foundation is honored to continue the legacy ofVictory Boys Camps,  64 years after its inception!

Victory Boys Camps is now partnering with a strong fellowship of  camps, wilderness programs, military schools, youth correctional facilities and foster care programs, each tailored to fit the unique needs of at-risk youth.  It was always Louis' intention to give assistance, both spiritually and financially, to kids, all with the goal of bringing their experiences back home with them. The Louis Zamperini Foundation equips kids with the tools required for commitment, perseverance, character, and a charitable heart toward others. We work together to plant the seeds of faith, hope, purpose and direction, changing their lives forever.